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Multinational consumer products company


Client is a multinational consumer products manufacturer with operations in 14 different countries. Client's existing website was available for only 10 of the 14 markets being served by the Client. Client wanted to revamp the website for all 14 markets and add more market-specific content in the process.


Intersphere's globalization team work with the Client's web development and marketing teams from the beginning of the project to ensure that new, corporate level content written for the website is written in concise and effective manner that minimizes the localization cost to the Client. (Content globalization)

Localization experts and copywriters from each market are employed to create additional, market-specific content that does not require translation into other languages. (Content development)


Reduced the overall cost of website development by reducing the amount of source text that requires translation and directly writing market-specific content in the local language.
Created a user-friendly website that combines clearly written & translated information and detailed market-specific information for each individual country.

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