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Leading PC and online game publisher


Client is a leading publisher of PC and online games. As part of its efforts to increase the user base of its subscription based online game, Client was consulted by Ascend to release copies of its installation CD-ROM free of charge. [Users were previously forced to download the 500+ megabyte file online.] The client therefore sought to publish large volumes of its installation CD-ROM localized for its multiple target markets.


Employ Intersphere's game localization experts to assist Client in localizing the installation CD, installation guides, CD cover and associated documentation included with the CD

Utilize a reliable, experienced CD / DVD duplication service partner in Asia to produce large number of high quality, free trial game CDs in a highly cost effective manner.  


Intersphere's game localization team delivered high quality, localized versions of the installation CD and met a very tight deadline for a marketing campaign to promote the game. The combination of the marketing efforts with the distribution of free installation CDs significantly increased the user base in the months subsequent to the promotion.
Intersphere's low cost, CD duplication service provider enabled the client to reduce the cost of its promotional CD distribution campaign by 25% over similar, previously launched campaigns.

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