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Computer networking equipment manufacturer


Client is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer networking equipment. Client wanted to insert subtitles into its corporate promotional video so it can be used by its sales force in Asia. The video was produced in English, and it also included a collage of video testimonials from their customers worldwide, in 7 different languages. Client wished to create subtitles for the video in 3 Asian languages.


Deploy experienced media & entertainment localization & production team to transcribe, translate, and create, schedule and encode subtitles.

Mobilize native speaker translators for all 7 languages to ensure accurate, direct translation from source language to target language, instead of relying on existing English translation for the testimonials.


Produced complete, subtitled corporate promotional video in 3 Asian languages.
Translators experienced in writing subtitles were employed to create accurate, simple, and easy to read subtitles.

Utilized highly skilled, low cost engineers in Asia to deliver high quality final product on time and under budget. 

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