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Major production for leading animation studio


Client is an animation studio with a long history of producing high quality animated content including TV shows, movies, commercials and children's videos. Client was looking into licensing its animated cartoon series to TV networks overseas. In order to do so, the Client needed to localize an episode of the series to show to the TV networks.


Deploy Intersphere's media and entertainment localization and production team to provide all the resources required to successfully complete the project.

Utilize local media experts and experienced entertainment content translators to create high quality script in the target language.

Provide comprehensive management of the entire project from script localization to voice talent recruiting, recording and editing.


Intersphere's media and entertainment localization team worked closely with the series' creators to ensure high quality end product that stays true to the original ideas and concepts.
Client successfully sold its series to a major TV network and received orders for new, additional episodes.

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