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Case Study:
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Manufacturer of passenger and freight elevator systems


Client manufactures built-to-order elevator systems for customers all over Asia. Client required clear and accurate translation of elevator system specification sheets sent by its customers in order to build the elevators to their exact specifications.


Employ experienced translators familiar with electric systems and heavy/industrial equipment.

Implement triple-check system, where 3 different individuals check the translation in order to ensure that all units of measurement are converted correctly and all other specifications are translated accurately.

Implement Rapid Translation Service for the Client to ensure that last minute changes to specifications can be translated quickly without affecting production timeline.


Reduced Client's production lead time by providing fast and accurate translation of order specifications. 
Provided 24-48 hour turnaround time for most purchase order specifications, plus same day turnaround for modifications through Intersphere's Rapid Translation Service to ensure on-time production and delivery of products.

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