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Due Diligence Materials

Intersphere's due diligence documentation translation services aim to deliver information critical to the successful completion of international transactions, (including mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and alliances, distribution agreements and other important business activities), in an accurate and transparent manner.

Intersphere's team of due diligence documentation translators frequently work with ASCEND's financial experts and strategic consultants on various international business transactions and therefore have a high level of understanding of the importance and role of due diligence in the execution of international business affairs.

Our due diligence translation services include:

Financial Documents
Valuations and Opinion Letters
Company Annual / Quarterly Reports
Customer, Supplier, Partnership, and other Contracts
Shareholder Meeting Agendas / Minutes
Proxy Circulars

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BMC Software

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Case Study:

Cross-border corporate acquisition

Objective: Put together a package of translated corporate due diligence materials.

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