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Game Localization

Intersphere is a leader in the field of game localization.

We have an extensive network of game translation experts and editors who have significant experience in providing age appropriate, accurate and natural translation for various types of games including role playing (RPG), adventure, sports, arcade, action, and online games.

We utilize various editing tools to provide efficient project execution and customized services including text only translations, audio dubbing and subtitles. Using effective project management methodologies, we offer our customers a complete line of services including translation, editing, testing, dubbing, and engineering services to prepare their titles for release to multiple markets worldwide.

Our game translation services include:

Game Script Translation
Game Interface Translation
Manuals and Guide Books
Brochure and Packaging

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Electronic Arts
Vivendi Universal

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Case Study:

Leading console and PC game publisher

Objective: Shorten time to market for time-sensitive game titles through an efficient game localization process...

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